Friday, August 28, 2009

Ending Week 23

Here we are at the end of week 23...

Thursday Kyle and I had a day dedicated to Kyleigh! It started with my doctors appointment early yesterday morning. Everything went well. Kyleigh's heart beat was a steady 150 bpm. I always love it when I get to hear her little heart beat. We'll go back in another 4 weeks to do a glucose test, and regular check up.

We also went to Target and Babies R Us to register. Kyle loves to use the gun when registering. We still have plans to do the Hospital tour and pre-register, and order to crib and dresser within the next few days.

We've decided to repaint her room as well. We like the room being two toned, but the pink looks purple at night time. We've decided it's gonna be too hard to find just the right color pink, so we are going to repaint the top half and have her room be brown on the bottom, and white on the top. Kyle still plans to put up a chair rail to seperate the colors. We can't wait to get everything completely painted, furniture moved in, and to hold our precious baby girl in our arms!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 20

Here we are at week 20! We're half way there, I can't believe how quickly this seems to be going. I am loving every minute of it and trying to cherish each milestone as it occurs. One of those milestones occurred a few weeks ago when I started feeling her move. Every time Kyle tried to feel her, he just couldn't seem to feel what I was feeling. Last night as we were getting ready for bed, she started playing like crazy. Kyle finally thought he felt her, then shortly there after she gave him 3 high fives right in a row! Kyle had the biggest grin on his face. What an exciting moment!:)

Last night I had one of those crazy dreams... I hear you have when your pregnant. I've had a few already but I thought this one was worth sharing. I dreamed that I had gone into labor, and we delievered a beautiful baby girl. At 20 weeks she was full grown and perfectly healthy. She had the most georgous blue eyes, and lots of brown hair. The doctors took one quick look at her and said she looked great, but they were gonna have to put her back in and we'd have to wait until December to see her again. After all, she's not due till December.:) Of course I was upset that we had to put her back in, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for those sweet little ones you love:)

Other exciting news, we have decided on a spelling of her name. We will spell her name, KYLEIGH RAE KUEPKER. We are naming her after her daddy, and her great grandpa, Ray Etheridge. I can't wait for Kyleigh to learn more about the men she is named after.

We got her bedding in the mail today! The sheets are in the wash already!:) We went to Home Depot to buy PINK paint, but just couldn't decide on the right color pink. We are gonna go back later with a better sample. It was a little bit of a stressful event. haha. We have decided to get the crib and changing table that will convert later on. The bed becomes a full size bed!! We hope to order her crib and changing table/dresser later this month.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kyleigh's bedding is on it's way!!

We did it, we won the bid on ebay! I had been looking at baby bedding for a few weeks now. I have fallen in love with this set I found online:)-(see post below for picture.) When I showed Kyle the bedding, he liked it but he did not like the price, nor did I! I tried to find a way to rationalize the purchase... well it is a 9 piece set? is it really worth 200-400 dollars? The obvious answer is heck no! But I tried to rationalize it... I remembered a friend saying she got her baby bedding on ebay not too long ago- come to find out, she got the exact same set, and loves it! This made me want it even more because I know someone that has it and loves it! We found a site on ebay that sells the bedding brand new! I'm happy to say that we got the 9 piece set- bumper, fitted sheet, blanket, bed skirt, 2 valances, throw pillow, toy bag, and diaper stacker less than 100 bucks! (Yes, that includes the 20 dollar shipping fees!) I may have to splurge and get the hamper and lamp shade, but it's just sooo cute! I can't wait for it to arrive on our door step!! Hopefully this time next weekend I'll be painting the rest of our baby girls room!
Next big purchase, baby furniture... We found a set we really liked at Posh Mommy and Baby too- a boutique off 72.... but we really just couldn't fathom putting that much money into a baby bed and changing table We decided to continue looking. Last week Kyleigh Rae got her first piece of mail from her grandpa in Kansas City, he sent us a few magazine pages with baby bedding, and go figure, it was the exact set we had picked out at Posh Mommy- but half the price! We're still debating but I'm totally sold on it! Yes, it is a little bit more than your basic crib and changing table that you would find at Target- BUT this crib converts to a day bed, toddler bed, and even a twin size bed. When it converts you can't even tell it was once a crib! It's very modern and I LOVE IT!! I think the initial investment will be worth it in the long run!